Studio INKolor designs cohesive visual systems that will distinguish your company from the others and emphasize its individual character. The design process itself takes place as follows: at the beginning we collect all information about the company, then we analyze them carefully, taking into account the market environment, and then present the client from 2 to 3 most relevant branding concepts .


Studio INKolor engages in designing and desktop publishing of various graphic elements, e.g. ads, flyers, folders, books (covers and layouts), posters, roll-ups, certificates and invitations. We also develop concepts for advertising campaigns and design magazine layouts.


INKolor designs websites and other graphic elements that appear on the Internet, e.g. banners (static and dynamic), applications for Facebook.


INKolor also creates many kinds of illustrations, digital art and photomontage. Working tools are Adobe Photoshop
and Adobe Illustrator.


That is drawings and paintings. The creating tools are: pencil, pastels, crayons, watercolors and acrylics. Topics and inspirations are varied.